Monday, January 31, 2011

Little Boat, Big Ocean

In case any of you were wondering, "When is that minouette ever going list her tradition Japanese-syle moku hanga woodblock print for sale?" the answer is now.

If you never saw or have forgotten previous posts about this, here's my summary:
'I made this woodblock print made in the traditional Japanese moku hanga style on beautiful handmade hosho paper. I carved four blocks, one for each colour: yellow, blue, violet and charcoal gray. It depicts a folded paper boat containing an unseen fisher, on the ocean, which in turn contains the unsuspected giant octopus. I'm playing with scale, colour, line and legends.

As a scientist who does science at sea, I've learned to remember we are in but a small boat on the big ocean.

This is a first edition print of only 4. Each print is about 14 inches by 11 inches (36 cm x 28 cm).'

Also, my shop has been undergoing a complete make-over, as I've been editing all listings. I've replaced many photos with bright, more detailed scans (using my new scanner). If you have a look, let me know what you think. Thanks!


marissa buschow said...

Oh, lovely print!

minouette said...

Thank you very much! I usually stick with lino but I'm happy to have ventured into moku hanga.