Sunday, November 8, 2009

vanilla, raspberry & pistachio

vanilla, raspberry & pistachio

vanilla unicorn

This time I printed my "Unicorn Amongst Umbrellas" block onto white cotton from a men's dress shirt to upcycle it into another pillow. The umbrellas are printed and cut from a variety of fabrics and appliquéd onto the white cotton. The stripe along the front and most of the back of this pillow are made from hand-woven Nepalese fabric, sent to me from Vancouver by my lovely friend Tanis. There is also a stripe of the herringbone fabric, from the Dagg and Stacy/Snoflake fabric sale. I like the idea of using upcycled fabric, designer overstock fabric and the eco-friendly (maybe pre-industrial is the word) hand-woven Nepalese fabric togther to make something desirable.

vanilla unicorn pillow

reverse vanilla unicorn pillow

I always think that a minimalist white ground with colour or pattern accents can be beautiful, though it is a look I rarely use, because I can't contain my own need or desire for more colour.

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