Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lucinda the giraffe

Lucinda giraffe with treeback of giraffe Lucinda pillowLucinda the giraffe loves to surf, ride horses and go rock climbing. She's fascinated by geology, and mountain formation in particular. She loves the ocean and swimming. She's a little bit shy, until you get to know her, but she's a down-to-earth, clever, fun kind of giraffe. She's the sort of giraffe who makes a great and loyal friend.

reverse LucindaLucinda giraffe faceLucinda is an original lino block print giraffe in brown textile ink on hot pink cotton. The backside is patchwork in pink andburgundy. The top is burgundy and the bottom is a print fabric with mermaids, turtles, octopi and bathers - perfect for the surfing ocean-lover. She is roughly 30 cm or 12 inches tall.

minouette and friendsI think Minouette wants to add Lucinda to her posse of Elephant and Polar Bear.

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