Sunday, November 8, 2009


The mushrooms are popular! See, people do want poisonous mushrooms as xmas ornaments. :) So I made a new set.

fly agaric square

reqbat has mushrooms on the brain too. She's been drawing them on ephemera (mainly older books).
It seems apt that the first set of both fly agaric ornaments is headed her way. ;) The second set is shown here.

I want to carve more mushrooms, but I am lacking in good reference material. I had a mushroom guidebook, but I gave it to my mother when she took up hiking in a big way. This is all I need: another excuse to go to bookstores. I watched a bit of a timely documentary last night, on the French CBC about mushrooms in Québec. The mushroom expert had the most extravagent, backwoods Québecois accent - the sort of thing which stops Frenchmen in the tracks, too dumbfounded even to mock. Though he was clearly quite the mushroom scholar.

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