Saturday, August 29, 2009

X is for Xiphias, and other Reflections

X is for Xiphias (xylem and cut)
This is the lastest square in my on-going alphabet quilt project. X is for xiphias (or swordfish). When I came up with xiphias as a good x-word, it seemed obvious: two crossed swords make an 'x'. So I have depicted two types of xiphias leaping from the water and crossing swords in my block print. X is also for xylem - hence the wood pattern on the side panel with letterpress x. Also, a very nerdy joke with the x-shaped scissors (ctrl-x means cut).

So, I also printed this block on some Japanese paper with an irregular deckle edge (this is easier to see in person, than it is to photograph, as its sheen is more obvious to the eye than it was to my camera):
X is for Xiphias
X is for Xiphias - detail

Also, I finished my series of reduction prints of the moon reflected on the water:

This is also printed on Japanese paper. The edition is of only seven prints. There is also one proof - the register is off, but it is interesting. This is a reduction print. That means that this series of seven is all there can ever be.

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