Thursday, August 20, 2009

working on the Saanich peninsula

sunny Sidney by the sea
Sunny Sidney by the Sea

Sidney harbour

snake found in the lab
Wee snake found in lab

crows on the line
Crows on the line

crow about to steal energy bar
Nonchallant crow, casually eyes the unattended energy bar.

theiving crows
Three pirate crows dispute the booty.

Who needs dogs begging for scraps when there are roosters (at the Roost)?

lunch with scrounging rooster

rooster at the Roost

gravimeter and refelction with sunset
This is my experiment, all packaged in an anodized aluminum pressure vessel. Inside there is a gravity meter in gimbals. I use this to measure acceleration of the seafloor, because it is easier to measure acceleration than it is to measure displacement. The seafloor moves because waves push upon it. So, I also measure tiny changes in pressure. I look at these two and their ratio and it tells me about the stiffness of the underlying sediments.* As you can see, the sun was setting. This was Sunday at 9 pm, when we finally got everything to work harmoniously. The darkness of the sky allows you to see the reflection of the room, including the triangular box which now houses the sphere.

*More technical explanations available upon request.

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