Saturday, August 8, 2009

Roaming Victoria

Smoking Lily
This is my favorite store. That's it. The entire store was once a windowfront. It isn't very deep, but it is high and they are very agile with hooks and poles to reach clothing displayed 10 ft off the ground.

market square
typical Victoria

This building has great bones. I cannot understand why it isn't renovated yet. It has been like this for years and it's on the water, for heaven's sake. Great location.

flowers on Swann's
The flowers are everywhere.

bear mural
Capital Iron parking lot. I love Capital Iron. Apparently, it's genetic. My grandmother (who died when I was only three) loved Capital Iron.

frogs on bear mural
bear mural

view of Olympic Montains from Dallas Rd
This is the view from Dallas Rd. The dark shadow behind the Straight of Georgia is the Olympic mountains in Washington state.

crow and driftwood
This is a crow on the beach at Cadboro Bay. I did not see the Cadborosaurus.

crows own beach

crow by water

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