Wednesday, May 6, 2009

statistics and the ikeahack

I was looking at my flickr stats, because, as you may have gathered, I actually like time series analysis, like a good experimental geophysicist, and have a weakness for statistics on people who look at my on-line presence. So, here are some statistics for you:
Number of views of my photostream yesterday: 75
Range of daily views over the last month: 23 - 157
Number of views so far today: 1,610

That, ladies and gentlemen, cats and dogs, is what we like to call, an outlier. Life at the tails of the bell-curve of likely events. Where are they from? ikea hacker who has posted the chair today here. Thank you very much Jules (Mr. Ikea Hacker). That is more hits than I got from Apartment Therapy, which has a much wider readership, but I imagine this is more specifically the sort of thing that Ikea Hackers are interested in.

BEFORE: found chairAFTER: the chairDURING: found chairchair armchair sunchair seahorsechair frogchair koi

So if you have found your way here via Ikea Hacker, welcome. Do say hello. You can find many projects here involving my printmaking and patchwork, but only one Ikea chair. ;)

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