Sunday, May 24, 2009

giraffe & dinosaur

Giraffe pillow - AnoukGiraffe pillow - Anouk reverse
So I logged onto my laptop to upload some photos of my latest giraffe and a prototype Euoplocephalus pillow. I really like the fabric choices. I went out yesterday to get some more white kozo paper from the Paper Place (last trip I was lusting after coloured papers so I have this shortage of white paper). I stopped in Type, next door, and bought The Ten Most Beautiful Experiments even though I am probably familiar with a lot of them, certainly all the physics experiments, and despite the rave review by Roger Penrose (the only author I have ever encountered whose book I actually ceased reading due to pomposity). It is illustrated! Also, opening it at random, I was delighted to read a crazed fan letter from Lady Ada Lovelace to Michael Faraday. I walked home, stopping at the Workroom, where I bought some fat quarters, including this fab floral backing the Euoplocephalus pillow.*

Euoplocephalus prototypeEuoplocephalus prototype reverse

The pattern though, needs simplification. Making sharp angles in a pillow is problematic. That's right, now I am doing R&D on pillows.

Anyway, I was delighted to see I had made two sales. So I need to pack up the custom giraffe as well as send a frog print to sparkle_debacle (Thank you!).

Also, I will see if I can meet K and D's friend (who is seeking housing in June so might babysit Minouette for me).

I have to think about what one wears to go to an international scientific meeting in the morning and then make giant dipoles in the lab in the evening, tomorrow. Steel-toes and a suit does not really work for me.

*This paragraph fails utterly to stick to a single topic, but that is the way it is.

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