Friday, May 15, 2009

preparations for the market

So I went to the bank this morning (miscellaneous banking) and made sure to get some small bills so I have change for customers. This evening I plan to lug home two retort stands (you know, those vertical metal poles on a base you used in chemistry class, for holding things, once upon a time)*. (Sadly, I have to go out to the east end before going back to the west end, so these will be some well-traveled retort stands). I will use ribbons and miniature clothes pegs to suspend my prints. I have a collection of baskets for pillows and giraffes and such. I have a tin for displaying magnets. I have bowls for brooches and business cards.

What else?

Ack! I need price tags.

And maybe a parts box for coins.*

If you are free and in Toronto, please come by and say hello! Wish me luck!

*Pretty sure I'll be the only one with this solution... but it makes sense, you know. Especially if you have a laboratory with useful equipment to borrow.

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