Monday, November 5, 2012


I spent my free time making new banners and doing blog and shop make-overs (including making-over the Toronto Etsy Street Team blog with its new look thanks to thunderpeep). What do you think?

This is for the minouette Etsy shop.


dinothings banner

And, for the minouette blog, where there was initially the same banner as the shop...


The original banner meant something to me and did say something about what my shop was about. It shows a manipulated photo of the Toronto skyline (so, where I am) with an image of a sea creature which I captured when using a ROV during fieldwork in the north Pacific (which hints at some of my interests). The image is scientific, yet surreal, and the colours and typeface are supposed to suggest art and specifically printmaking. However, it's been there since 2007, it's a photo rather than a handmade print, and I thought I could make something which was a better representation of me and my art.

The shop banner shows two of my linocut dinosaurs (an euoplocephalus and a torosaurus, respectively), so it shows the sort of natural history (and specifically paleontology) which appears in my work, along with the idiosyncratic lettering, stars and the thought-bubble with a heart to show the quirky side of what I create.

The blog banner is made of the monograms I've been printing, so we get a little typography and natural history (complete with dinosaurs) and a few mythical creatures thrown in for good measure. This strikes me a a pretty good synopsis of my subjects of late.

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