Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Break out the cinnamon hearts...


I hope you have a good Valentine's Day - the annual celebration of eating a frightening number of cinnamon hearts. This is a holiday I enjoyed as a child; my mother always had a heart-shaped box full of cinnamon hearts and other goodies for my brothers and I. As an adult, it seems to me like Valentine's Day has become a way to pressure couples to spend money, and to make singles feel abnormal. So I'm all for reclaiming Valentine's Day. Love is a good thing; endulge yourself (the person you should remember to love), and remember all your loved ones (friends, family, pets, whomever). If you do get to spend your day with a sweetheart, have fun, and don't let anyone tell you what symbols are necessary to show that your love is true. There's more to love than romantic love, and there's more than one way to express any sort of love. Do whatever you want to do.

I like to make (slightly irreverent) Valentines myself. I am very happy to have received a beautiful bouquet this morning. I think I was as impressed that he managed to surprise me; I have no idea where he could have hidden the flowers. RJH said Minouette helped (by agreeing not to eat said flowers). I love my little family.

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