Wednesday, June 1, 2011


So, we made it to Halifax, about mid-day, and wandered out in search of lunch. For a brief glorious hour, it ceased being what RJH calls "fresh" (at least a 20 knot wind which makes it feel shockingly cold for June) and the sun shone and everything was lovely. I took some photos, but I didn't take enough time. Occasionally it is intimidating trying to take snapshots with a professional photojournalist in tow - but here's a glimpse:

Halifax rooflittle sticker guybronze sailor

Coincidentally, he had photographed this artist and this sculpture as it was being made in Ontario.

lighthouseboats on boats

across harbour
He described the looming Irving refinery as looking like 'the gates of hell'.

Vessel in Halifax harbour Acada
it's wearing a ball cap Isn't that the most ridiculous thing you have ever seen? I look that the ball cap wearing tug actually has a SIMRAD antenna like it might go further than the harbour, out to sea.

Banana peel graf
Boer War memorial
Citadel hillHalifax Citadel

After our outing we rested than I dragged him out to the pub with scientists (mainly German), but now, in recompense, we're watching the Stanley Cup finals, game 1.

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