Monday, November 1, 2010

street art - Ossington

gaze and girl - detail fiat mihi mural

This is one of my favorite pieces of (guerilla) public art. The photo is one of the more popular ones in my flickr stream. I don't know the artist, but this mural on Bousthead Avenue, off Dundas St W, says 'Fiat Mihi' on it. Clearly, the piece on an exterior wall on Ossington, between Dundas and Queen, is by the same artist. I asked RJH to photograph it:


We had gone to see some of the PRINTOPOLIS exhibits, on Saturday. Along the way, we stopped to explore an alleyway, where I shot the graffiti.

face + vinedino + sax + fisheyes & pirate
bike + dog baby head in teeth

Yes, that's a cement baby-head in the teeth of the 'Private Property No Dumping' sign.
painted garage doorface + teeth on sidegarage doors
garage mural
stencil crittertags in Ossington alleyrobot teeth
skull + tags
face on garage door
who for mayor?

Bit blurry, but I also appreciated the rabbit, sauntering down the street in his velvet jacket.
rabit saunters down Ossington

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