Monday, August 30, 2010

Toronto looks lovelier from the water

para + windsurfers + sailors
windsurferwindsurfer from boat
parasurfer pass
mast and parasurfer sail
Toronto from the water

Saturday was a perfect day to go sailing. We circled the Island, stopping for a fabulous boat-side picnic lunch. I'm glad to see so many people enjoying the lake (even if a few of the power boat operators do not understand the right-of-way rules or the size of their wakes). I took the helm going into the channel to the north of the Island, which was a bit challenging in the chop - the twisting pitch and roll of the boat proved unpopular with the newbies. I'm so used to smaller boats with tillers, that using a wheel is anti-intuitive for me (as you drive like a car, rather than pushing in the opposite direction). The sheer variety of vehicles visible: single-hauled keel boats, catamaran boats, wind surfers, parasurfers, jet skis, power boats, ferries, planes of all sizes, helicopters, dragon boats, canoes, was something to see. There were both dragon boat races and regattas on. Oh, how much do I want to try parasurfing? Oooh! I wouldn't cut in front of a 27-foot boat with the right of way, barely clearing the mast though (looking at you, Mr. OrangeSail, you know who you are). As the skipper N said, "Well, if he hits us, that's really his problem. The boat wins that collision."

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