Sunday, August 1, 2010

Parkdale, only more so

Parkdale during Caribana

Yesterday, I had to get to Queen & Ossington by 7 pm. I knew public transit would be hopeless and I wanted to stop at the Paper Place and Type*, so I walked. Going through Parkdale I was behind these three young women most of the way. I've never felt so invisible. I snapped this with my phone. It was sort of fascinating. I passed them, and within a minute, was no longer invisible. During my walk home I saw a few more women extravagantly, if sparsely dressed for Caribana**. I think it's a good sign they felt comfortable to walk through Parkdale, after dark. And while they certainly garnered attention, I didn't hear any cat-calls or anything.

*where as reqbat wrote, "i MAY have, theoretically, purchased another book"
**For non-Torontonians, Toronto's Caribana is the largest Caribbean festival outside of the Caribbean. There were thousands and thousands of people out. The parade attracts a million people every year. This picture is from a particularly empty stretch of Queen St W.

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