Sunday, May 16, 2010

Southern Walkway

Southern Walkway Wellingtontree shapes Southern Walkway
some vehicle

I found this vehicle hilarious.

Information of the Southern Walkway

But I found the hiking sign-post for a Lord of the Rings filming even more hilarious.

Geodetic survey marker

A geodetic marker for any earth science nerds. Never found one by accident before.

NZ 091

NZ 093

Apart from birds, I could hear a sports announcer's voice echoing around the hills. I would have guessed rugby, but I passed a giant cricket pitch... so I'm not sure.

NZ 098
When I came down from the hills I was in Newton. The houses are small, and cute and often have corrugated tin roofs. There was a sort of hospital/medical area around the University of Otago's medical school. (Why the U of Otago has a medical school there and not in Otago, I don't know). I stopped for lunch (it was 3:30 and I was starving) in a café called the Recovery Room.

NZ 101
NZ 102
NZ 103
I like the little kid painting of an octopus.
NZ 104
NZ 105
Sometimes Wellington looks like the set of a wild west movie ... well, except for the electrical wires.

NZ 107
Sometimes it's all dainty and Victorian.

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