Friday, May 14, 2010

Kelburn and back down

Since I was at the top of the hill, I poked around a little.

nz 104

There's a great view of the city from the top of the cable car route.

nz 105

nz 106
Even at the top of the hill, it's still uphill to the houses.

nz 107

Some houses have their own cable cars.

nz 110

Back down the hill, I love the use of the fern tree as column on the Library.

nz 111

This older gentleman, busking with feathers in his hair, reminded me of Ben Kerr, who busked at Yonge and Bloor in Toronto for most elections in my lifetime.

nz 112

More graffiti on Cuba St.

nz 113

Kiwi graffiti!

nz 004

It's a ferret.

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