Monday, November 25, 2019

Nudibranchs and other November

Linocut Glaucus atlanticus by Ele Willoughby, 2019
Astro goodies at RCI Science Black Hole event
A little update on some November activities... Saturday, I joined some lovely SciArt makers for a market at the RCI Science black hole event at U of T. It was great to see and meet so many friendly SciArt/SciComm faces. It was a busy weekend in this family, which also saw a couple of parties (for holidays and birthdays). This week, our son turns 6! It seems impossible, but it's another busy week so we can celebrate him. When not working on my ongoing series of women in STEM, I took the time to make a few wee linocuts of delightful, varied and beautiful nudibranchs, the colourful slugs of the sea, for #Nudivember.

This year, I'm only doing small markets, so if you're looking for minouette items, check out my minouette shop (and 20% off during Cyber Week!) or find me on December 7, from 12 pm to 3 pm at Gotomago, 1231 Woodbine Ave (near O'Connor).
Spanish Shawl nudibranch by Ele Willoughby, 2019

Doris chrysoderma the Lemon Lolly Doris, bt Ele Willoughby, 2019

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