Friday, November 1, 2013

Finishing the alphabet


with y for yak and z for zebra. I considered making y for yeti, to go with the mermaid and unicorn, but frankly, the sketch was too scary for a baby quilt (my ulterior motive for printing these monograms).

I've now completed the back and affixed the front, batting and back of the quilt. I still have to quilt it together, but the baby quilt should be finished soon too!


Amanda said...

zebras are my favourite & this one is so sweet! any reason why the Z is backwards though?

minouette said...

Um... occupational hazard of the printmaker who must recall to reverse letters before printing?

Baby brain?

Exhaustion-induced dyslexia?

I swear, I hadn't even noticed. D'oh.

Amanda said...

Ha! Sorry to be the bearer of bad news! Glad you were able to fix it up without recarving the entire block! Looks great! :)

minouette said...

Oh, I'm glad you did! I almost started quilting with the Z reversed. Can't teach the baby the alphabet with one letter backwards!

Actually, I'm surprised how many people didn't notice.