Saturday, November 9, 2013

Circles and Balloons

In The Round

These are many of the circular artworks, just 10 cm or 4" in diameter, by over 100 artists, exhibited for the entire month, at  Graven Feather at 906 Queen St W (just west of Trinity-Bellwoods park). There's a huge variety of media - including mobiles and books as well as some more scultural wall-mounted pieces - and subjects and styles. I remarked that the entire installation was like some sort of bespoke wallpaper. Each piece is only $35, so this is a great place to get one of a kind gifts for the the hard to shop for person on your list.

In The Round detail

My contribution of 6 works are in the middle of this image, of the east wall.

In The Round show

The sailing ship has sold, but the squirrel, fossils, winged walrus, harpy and dinosaur are still available!

I went and saw the show yesterday with my mother. I also got the chance to drop off Ma: The Horse at Proof Studio Gallery, who will be hosting their Year of the Horse Show for Chinese New Year. I wanted to be sure to submit my prints before the end of the month because I might be overwhelmed after that.

Speaking of which, we're still working on projects for the nursery. RJH made a bookshelf and I'm working on a hot-air balloon mobile.


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