Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Madame Wu on Finch and Pea

Mme. Wu and the Violation of Parity

The blog The Finch and Pea, which bills itself as "The Public House for Science . . .

. . .in which Items of Interest and Curiosities of Nature are discussed employing the latest techniques in Logic and The Scientific Method for the furtherance of Human Erudition and the promotion of Critical Thought. "
A lot of important scientific thought and communication occurs in pubs, so why not on-line? A fellow Mad Scientist of Etsy, artist Michele Banks (who paints and does collage on scientific and medical themes) writes a column called "The Art of Science". Today, she's featured my linocut portrait of 'Madame Wu and the Violation of Parity'. Check out the post here.

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