Sunday, July 10, 2011


We went directly from the institute to Stonehenge (which we were able to find, despite lacking a map, just beyond Salisbury). We were prepared to be disappointed because we had heard people complain that they were not able to approach the megaliths. We were happily surprised - perhaps because it was the end, of a shokingly cold, extremely windy, overcast day, there were not many visitors and we were able to get quite reasonably close to stones. I took far too many photos - please click on one to be connected to my photostream, if you would like to see more. We were so glad to have visited. It is astounding.

stonehenge 030
stonehenge 032
stonehenge 034
stonehenge 035
stonehenge 039
stonehenge 041
stonehenge 046
stonehenge 053
stonehenge 062
stonehenge 063
stonehenge 067
stonehenge 074
stonehenge 082
stonehenge 091
stonehenge 095
stonehenge 097
stonehenge 100

It really did seem that the site now belongs to the crows.

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