Sunday, June 12, 2011

Saint John to Fredericton and back

newbrunswick 006history mural in Saint Johnhistory mural in Saint John

We left Saint John and drove to Fredericton last Monday, where we met RJH's parents for lunch. File this photo under "things I don't understand about Fredericton" - the Chickadee Cat Show? Sounds like something which would end in tears, blood and feathers.

newbrunswick 043
newbrunswick 044newbrunswick 045newbrunswick 046

Then we visited the site of his grandparent's farm (long since sold, but still unoccupied, so we ventured up the steep hill and took some photos). The photos are deceptive; the hill is so steep you can't even see the old highway at the bottom, but rather, you see clear across the river. The century old farmhouse has been removed, but the barn is still there.

farm-panarama copy
caterpillerfarm viewfarm viewriver from farmbarn and skyold farm equipmentcaterpillerbarnfarm viewmothnewbrunswick 030newbrunswick 032barn

We visited and stayed with some of RJH's oldest friends. B&J live on the Saint John river - so we not only had a great meal, and conversation, we were able to go kayaking and swimming. (The photo on the river is his, of course). They all thought I was crazy because of the cold. I explained that on Vancouver Island I swam in the ocean in May. Poor RJH had to swim because I went. But it was wonderful and really felt like an escape.

near Fredericton kayak in Saint John river

In the morning we went to the "only decent coffee place" in Fredericton - which, as described, reminded one of the 'Soup Nazi' Seinfeld episode - but did have good coffee. We wandered a bit and then headed back to Saint John, to meet with more friends.

do you see what others see?Frederictoncraft schoolDisaffected starfish

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