Thursday, June 23, 2011

New York: Day 4

KangarooSunday, we had to be LaGuardia 2 hours before our 3 pm flight, so it didn't really seem like we would have time to go into Manhattan again. Mom suggested we do some shopping, having seen a Macy's during our initial Post Office in Queens quest. So had breakfast and then wandered down Queen's Blvd towards the mall, where we hit shops we don't have in Canada, like Target and Macy's (and a couple we do have at home, but they were much, much cheaper, south of the border). That easily took up our morning. I got some tops. Mom got a trench coat. We walked back to the hotel, running a little later than planned - but still with plenty of time to reach the airport. When we got there, the bellhop was missing, so we had to wait. When he showed up, it turns out he hadn't reserved the cab we requested, and didn't do so until he had retrieved our luggage from the store room. But, we still had plenty of time. He said the cab would take 2 minutes. After 5 minutes I asked about hailing a cab and he muttered something and disappeared. After 12 minutes I found him waiting by the road and he said they had had a problem with the cab and would send another one. So, I went and told Mom and suggested we try hailing one, which we were able to do within 1 minute. However, when Mom said we were going to LaGuardia, he didn't say anything, so she asked, "Is that okay? Can you take us there?" At which point, he looked it up on his GPS receiver, which did not inspire confidence. He got us there okay, so I like to think he could find LaGuardia, but he himself had been lost, or less than familiar with where he was and the best route. RJH met us at the airport in Toronto and drove us home.

Kangaroo ride with watermelons
This is a kangaroo, which we passed every single day on the way to the subway. It lives outside a bodega, which is New Yorker (or Hispanic) for d├ępanneur. I don't know why. We never saw anyone even think about a kangaroo ride. I kind of love it.

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