Tuesday, May 31, 2011

on the side of the road

These were plastered all over Queen St E, not last weekend, but the one before:

"it is on" sign

I like to imagine the small child and author, like a miniature circus barker promoting his toy sale, challenging all other toy sales to a toy sale smack-down. "It. Is. On."

Maybe that says something about me.

mural, Queen E
bike lanes pleezz
Roncesvalles & Queen

I'm also going to say, because no one else will, thank goodness for actual heat! 31oC is more like it.

Tomorrow, we're off to Halifax and assorted maritime provinces.


Humble Burdock said...

Enjoy your time in Beautiful Atlantic Canada! I may have a tiny bias as I live there.....

minouette said...

Thanks very much! I'm looking forward to it. My boyfriend is originally from New Brunswick and shares your bias. ;)