Monday, April 25, 2011

Big Head

big head torosaurus detail Torosaurus with its big frill had the largest known head of any land animal. It was a sort of long-frilled Ceratopsians who lived in at the end of the Cretaceous period, 70 to 65 millon years ago. It might even be the same thing as best-known of the horned dinosaurs, the Triceratops. Recent research suggests that Torosaurus were not a distinct genus, but a mature form of Triceratops. Either way, this animal had one impressively large head. Skulls have been found which are 2.6 m or 8.5 feet long.


This is an original, first edition lino block print on Japanese kozo (mulberry paper) 8.25 inches tall by 13 inches wide (21 cm by 33 cm). The edition is limited to 6 hand-burnished prints. The colour is a somewhat variable green-bronze mixture, reflecting the variability we see in nature.

By the way, Torontonians should all come out to see the first ever Toronto Etsy Street Team Spring Craft Show at the Gladstone, this Saturday, April 30, 10 am to 4 pm. The Gladstone serves brunch (and drinks) you know. Any friend who wants to help me at said show would receive free minouette merch. ;)


~ Faith said...

I'm curious, what type of ink did you use to print this?


minouette said...

Hello -

I used water-based block printing ink (specifically, it was made by Speedball).

Ele (Aka minouette)