Monday, November 1, 2010

Hallowe'en 2010

yard wtih bats

eerie lightsAs I mentioned last year, this neighbourhood considers Hallowe'en the biggest event of the year, as far as I can tell. It is easier to capture the lights than the little monsters, so here are some of the best yards we walked by. I made some costumes for a couple of parties we were invited to: bats, complete with mask with the spectacular nostrils and ears, and wings made from broken umbrellas, so the spokes served as the bones in the wings. The wings were popular.


This was my favorite house again. I love that they use the architecture to full effect, with archway as gaping maw and red glowing eyes. "Isn't it fabulous?" one man asked. "No," his neighbour replied sarcastically, "it makes the rest of the street look bad." They were also amazing with their use of pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns. Not only was there the genius pumpkin-snowman, and expertly carved jack-o-lanterns along the walk, but they created this pumpkin-alligator:

eyes + teeth

One of my favorite costumes was the young woman in white with a trasparent umbrella hung with strands of bubblewrap - the jellyfish! I noticed a fair number of old school superheroes (Batman, Spiderman, the old-fashioned Wolverine), a large number dressed as Ironman, the usual assortment of fairies and princesses, various animals (my favorites being the giraffe, unicorn, toddler-spider and infant ladybug) - but the clearly handmade costumes are always my favorites. There were a few cardboard boxes as dice, a present and a remote control. Three girls were dressed as the three little pigs. A group of five adolescents were dressed as a train (an old steam locomotive)!

zombie by vehicle

This house placed their decor strategically; having the zombie barely visible to those who approched from the east was very effective.

zombie yard

kiss-o-lantern The KISS jack-o-lantern was great. The house with the specter suspended from the 2nd floor had live creepy organ music, competing with the X-files theme playing across the street.

2nd floor specter
Haunted house sign + jackolantern

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