Sunday, March 7, 2010

Space Kitty Hover Pod

resting kitty astronautNot that she didn't already have it, but faunalia has secured herself a free electronics slave consultant with her BRONZE AND GLASS SCULPTURE - WITH LED - OF A CAT LAZILY FLYING A HOVERING SPACESHIP.

YES. I really typed that.

YES, IT'S MINE! Bwhahaha!

Yes, I would be very proud to be involved in any art show with faunalia's fuckin' fabulous work.

cat-pilot spacecraftspacekittycat spacepod without dome018cat pilot under the dome020021022cat hovercraft after dark
hovering space cat Did I mention the GLOWING?
A simple coin battery-powered LED lights the glass rod and in the dark the diffracted light goes all blue at the base to really give that hovering feel.

I know that this could not have come into existance without Reynardin so I thank you both very very much. I also love the brainstorming about using our respective skills together. Am thinking on it.

Thanks Blythechild for organizing brunch and scintillating conversation as always.

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