Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mad Scientist (of Etsy)

I convinced the MSOE folks that what we need are some interviews on the blog. Who are these scientist-artists anyway? What do they do? Well, I've posted the fist interview. Check it out. We have tiger quolls. *the cute it burns!* Watch out though - that there is a carnivorous marsupial. In fact, it is mainland Australia's largest carnivorous marsupial and considered an apex predator.* Further, there are immortal jellyfish and beautiful needle-felted sculpture animals.

By the way, you (especially the Torontonians) should be reading the TESTy blog (I mean, basically, I write it) and the Printsy blog is stupendous (but dangerous to the wallet).

I think I should adopt Reynardin's accidental catch-phrase, "Hey check-it check-it!"

*I think of Australia as being full of dangerous animals, like spiders, snakes, sharks and killer jellyfish. I didn't expect the apex land predator to be so cuddly-looking. But perhaps Australians mistakenly think polar bears look cute (as opposed to lethal and stealthy) and I wouldn't even want to mess with an angry raccoon, so what do I know?

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