Sunday, October 25, 2009

unplanned days

Flowers Dundas W
Dundas St. W

Dundas St. W. has this whole colour scheme going these days. It's all cyan and mustard and pumpkin...

Massey Hall

I had a nice day yesterday, starting with brunch with the girls.

swimming Aztec
Photographs shot from within a moving vehicle are not always successful, but when one sees a truly spectacular um... giant Aztec swimming with dice and flowers on a wall bordering a parking lot, one must take one's chances.

eyeball and grafitti
Queen W woman

I got to purchase fabric, ogle boots and get a chance to have a hot shower. We followed this with sushi and Black Books in front of a roaring fire.

The new best E.T.A. on when we will have heat and hot water again, is not until Monday, at best. Minouette is not amused with the lack of heat.
Minouette bundle

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