Thursday, September 24, 2009

Y is for yak, yin-yang and yellow

y is for yak, yin-yang and yellow

The alphabet quilt top almost complete!

This is the Y block showing my linocut yak in grey with a turquoise letterpress Y on yellow, and three panels printed with a linocut yin-yang. I chose to purposely have the yin-yangs not aligned.

All letters are now complete.

final corner TUV XYZ

I carved the yak on this lino I bought with R&F which I do not like. Not all lino is created equal! I bet there are potential printmakers out there who decided they are not up for the task, if they are only familiar with this stuff. Two thumbs down on the thin, hard-to-carve, black (so hard to draw upon), "lino" with a non-linear response. However, I am stubborn, hence the yak.

I do love colour.

All that remains for this quilt top is a bordering frame, which I now think I need. Then I can begin the actual quilting part of this exercise. I've bought my batting. I need to set out the backing and start basting. (Do these terms mean anything to you?)

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