Monday, September 7, 2009

last long-weekend of the summer

Friday, I went out for lunch with my brother (the DJ) and Mom. I duct taped the level I bought him to my bike and rode to Queen and Niagara, because I'm crazy, but it did work. When I crossed Roncesvalles, I stopped to plug my ears, since it appeared that the street was being buzzed by a vintage jet. The girl on a bike behind me said, "I hate the airshow! It feels like we're under attack." After lunch we went to the White Squirrel for ice cream, which we ate in Trinity-Bellwoods park. The DJ got annoyed, when five bike cops rode leisurely by, since he overheard one say, "Check out the girl in the bikini." The DJ does not think this is what we pay the cops to do; I thought it was sweet that he was irked by this.

loop and into sun
in three directions
upside down
sewn grafitti
airshow from the park
jet with tree

I rode home from the park, stopping to buy jeans at ShopGirls and batting at the workroom. Ok, I also got some more fabric... wouldn't you?

graffiti on Queen W
garage mural
graf mural
graf mural 2

On Saturday, I ventured out and wandered down poor, torn up Roncesvalles. I decided to try the southern Polish postal outlet, because the people at the northern one, frankly, drive me up the wall. You have to plead with them to get postal rates, or they just eyeball your package and make up an estimate, which is generally wrong. The young woman at the counter, not only was polite, she had mastered the use of her computer and was fluent in English. I have found a new postal outlet. (As an aside, can someone explain to me why it costs more to send things to BC than it does to Australia, which costs no more than sending something to the US? What is wrong with Canada Post?)

The ease of my one errand seemed auspicious. I continued south, and found a fabulous brooch by Jen Ham at Frock, at greatly reduced in price. Check out her site. My pin reads, "Desperado". I got a screenprinted tee at Mrs. H, which shows the Roncesvalles streetcar. Then I continued onto Queen St and poked in all the antique shops. I found a vintage circular frame, for which I have an idea. I wandered home, stopping for juice on the way.

Sunday, I continued to work on my Unicorn Amongst Umbrellas, this time with fabric. Then discussing our picnic with reynardin, and considering the things in the fridge and pantry, I made peach cobbler. Then I carted my dessert, paper plates, and a warm jacket, I wandered into High Park and walked straight to the outdoor theatre. Proximity to the park has its advantages. I staked out places front and centre.

reynardin, faunalia and beccatree joined me in the nick of time. Still very early for the play, it was becoming difficult to guard these prime seats from the growing audience. We enjoyed our picnic of garlic-maple chicken wings, heirloom tomatoes, carrots, string beans, hummus, Russian bread, potato chips and peach cobbler, and settled in. We all enjoyed The Tempest. There's something magical about seeing Shakespeare in the park. Even though the theatre was packed, it was the final performance of the summer and the large number of children in the audience for Family Day, they garnered full attention of the audience. Passing the boat through the crowd during the storm scene at the beginning was very clever. R. said it made us complicit in the performance. The sets were simple and elegant, suggesting trees and water, and casting fabulous shadows. I particularly liked the giant face masks employed by spirits. The decision to cast a female lead as 'Prospera' was a success, as it was largely transparent and unnoticed. Further, making Gonzalo into Gonzala seemed to add to the humour, as a matronly, loquacious, optimistic and dutiful woman, loyal to the Duke of Milan, changed the dynamic and made his comments requesting peace more pointed. Casting Antonia, as the usurper, made for a different, more lustful, interaction with Sebastian. The balance of power between the genders seemed more modern. Stand-out performances by the creepy Caliban, humourous Gonzala, ebullient Ariel, enthusiastic Miranda and of course, our sorceress Prospera.

Today, I completed the U block for my alphabet quilt (unicorn, umbrellas & underwater), tidyied and generally completed tasks.
Tomorrow, the new term begins.

U is for unicorn, umbrella & underwater

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