Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Zebras: Chevy's and Burchell's

Zebras: Chevy's & Burchell's
Chevy's variety of ZebraBurchell's variety of Zebra
stiped hind-quarters

This is a first edition lino block print of two zebras. The one on the left is known as Chevy's zebra and the one on the right is known as Burchell's. These are carved on a single block, and printed in black water-based ink on Japanese kozo, or mulberry paper. The sheets are 14 inches wide and 8 inches tall (35.6 cm by 20.3 cm).

Zebras are such an obvious animal to print - so graphic. They have differing anatomies though. As you can see, their manes, tails and striping depends on variety. I put them back to back to highlight this. Eventually, I will get to Z on my alphabet quilt...

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