Monday, January 26, 2009

hawk is a good omen

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What a lovely Sunday... despite the cramped quarters and slowness of service... I loved seeing and , , and for brunch today! It has been too long since we all got together.

After brunch b & b went to run errands while the rest of us bided our time until Cupcake Camp, by going to the Carrot Common. Now, I have nice organics soaps and tea, a belly full of cupcakes. When R and F drove me home we saw two hawks in the park across the street. I managed to get two photos of one of the hawks. They are so impressive, even after spending years on a property on Vancouver Island on which bald eagles nested and barn owls were common. Great raptors in this city; I watch the peregrine falcons at work and hawks at home.

Now I am waiting for the DJ to drive me to Moms for dinner, as if I need an more food.

Toronto raptor; local hawk

hawk in the park

Thanks women!

Re. dairy:
Always Fresh And Sweet
Always fresh and sweet is the way to go.

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