Wednesday, September 7, 2005

it's a boy-cat!

Omigoodness... Whitey's a he. How we failed to perceive this over the last year is beyond me. I thought he was TC-shaped. But he's really fluffy and the anatomy is disguised. He's neutered. So Minny did choose a boyfriend. Explains a lot. Um... anyway, his nail was broken off, but is not infected. He's lucky. We have to wash it in an iodine like fluid twice a day, during which he screams bloody murder, and he is not allowed out of the house for a few days. The vet heard that we had basically rescued this neglected, abandoned, outdoor cat (by "we", I actually mean Di did, and I put up with it, since I did not want another cat, since I'm allergic to cats and he leaves white hair everywhere!) she gave him his shots and the toe-washing stuff all for the price of a single visit (without any extra charges for shots and the like).

And that's my revelation for the day.

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