Thursday, September 29, 2005

and another thing...

and all my documents have moved around since MS is evil and can't move an network profile onto a new machine (I mean really! UNIX has been doing that for years and years! so pathetic really...) and ghostview is gone sigh! how many times does a girl have to download Ghostscript? this is ridiculous... and I've been working so that I could give the boss a draft of my paper before skipping off for three days of looking like my avatar minouette (sans the jaunty hat... I'm sick... there will be no hats... just the curling up in a little ball on top of pillows) and he's gone! For a 3 day weekend no less. And! M. sends an urgent message from sea about requiring cadmium nitrate to be sent by helicopter... argh. I'm not going to deal with this ... I'm gonna pass the buck. Yeah.

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