Monday, July 15, 2013

Making The List

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I was just reading the Etsy Finds newsletter. Today they've gathered the 'Tastemakers' - a collection of Etsians with curated collections of favorites who you might like to follow. I was actually wondering to myself what makes a tastemaker? Is it a large number of followers? A particularly huge collection of favorites? I started looking at the collections which caught my eye, when I spied my own name! See, I was pretty pleased to learn that they've added new tools to organize your favorites. I know I add items to my favorites for different reasons: to collect gift ideas, to gather suggestions for when my loved ones demand to know what I want for my birthday, to bookmark things which inspire me and more. So, when I read that Etsy users can now make their own lists to organize their favorites, I took the time to organize the literally thousands of favorites I've collected over the years. I know I'm more likely to buy something which is already in my favorites, and this makes finding the right thing much easier. Also, anyone who does follow me and wants to check out a certain category of my favorites, if they are looking for something in particular can now search my favorites by collection. I guess all this obsessive organizing - or as they say curating - caught Etsy's attention too.

You can check out Etsy's collection of users with carefully curated favorites here and follow my own favorites or get ideas for how you might organize your own here. But, if you are one of my personal friends or part of my family you aren't supposed to look at the gift ideas board. Don't say I didn't warn you!

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