Thursday, July 26, 2012

Send A Raven


The words "Send A Raven" appear in Gothic red lettering next to a raven (of course) This is printed by hand on lovely Japanese kozo paper, 9.25" by 15" (23.5 cm by 38 cm). I made this print due to a relentless campaign mounted by RJH, who says he's not a raving fan of Game of Thrones, or anything. No, not at all. (Winter is coming.) However, if you've read the books, or watched the show, you'll know that the characters are perpetually sending urgent messages by ravens. The sending of ravens, in fact, seems like one of the major, subtextual messages of the show. (Winter is coming.) That and the idea that no good deed goes unpunished - but the show is marvellously entertaining and strangely addictive (even for those still stunned by the fate of Ned Stark). This print would make a great gift for fans of the books or the show. You can send this Raven to your favorite fan of the show! Even without the Game of Thrones context, the red, white, and black design is very graphic, and the slogan is cryptic in the most intriguing way. The crow or raven is a wonderfully clever bird, common in many parts of the world, and often known as a Trickster. (Winter is coming.)

Soon, there will also be postcards available of this image.

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