Friday, June 22, 2012

Caption these giraffes

Fun feed-back on my 'Tower of Giraffes':
Ulixis writes, "To me, they are saying (from left to right, with attitude): 'Really??!?' (sarcastically, not enthusiastically) 'Right! Right?' 'WHATever!' "

 Kokoba writes, "Humph!" "Aw, aren't you a cutie?" (endearingly, not sarcastically) "Ugh, disGUSting!"

What do you think? I do think the first looks sarcastic, the second goofy and the third is a snob.

Blythechild writes: 
Left giraffe: Tower? How pedantic. All they can do is loom or lean. I can sway. Check it... 
Right giraffe: Oh god, that's heavenly! What is that? Chanel No.5? Come over here... spritz me, darling... 
Center giraffe: Bitches, focus! It's time to spit at some tourists. Look at that one with the camera... c'mon, form up! Maneuver Kirk Epsilon Delta - ENGAGE!

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