Monday, April 4, 2011

Cloud Classification Pillow

Cloud Classification pillow
reverse cloud pillow

I took my cloud classification block and made a pillow!

A who's who of the clouds in the sky are handprinted in a cloud-like mass of circular diagrams on blue-indigo cotton, in this one of a kind pillow. The clouds represented are shown as they would appear in the sky; the lower altitude clouds are lowest, the mid-altitude clouds in the middle and the high altitude clouds at the top. We have cumulonimbus, stratocumulus and cumulus at the bottom. There are three types of altocumulus and one altostratus in the middle. The top level contains cirrocumulus and two types of cirrus clouds. Each is denoted by its own symbol. The reverse is a cloud-patterned print fabric. The pillow itself is cloud-shaped.

The pillow is roughly 38 cm across, 30 cm high and 7 cm deep (15" x 11" x 3").

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Anonymous said...

Hello there,
I'm LOVING your clouds! Would you be interested in being a maker at Mini Maker Faire this May at the Brickworks?

Drop me a line at shanghaicowgirl.m at gmail dot com if you'd like to talk about it.