Monday, January 3, 2011

holiday with cat-angel

minouette tree

So, unfortunately for me, I was ill for most of my holiday, but, I did get a tree, for the first time! After avoiding the crooks on Roncesvalles (whose already inflated prices - $45 for a small tree! increased by 10 dollars between first quotation and our trip to the bank), we bought a nice spruce from a heavily-caffinated, but very friendly hipster-florist. We decorated it with some old, nostalgic ornaments, LEDs, new disco-ball style balls and more handmade, handprinted fabric ornaments than I thought I had made. I realized I lacked a tree toper, so I whipped up this demented Minouette-angel (purple block printed Minouette on striped gold silk, with felt, vintage islet frabric and Japanese washi cardstock). It's quite crazy, but it makes me gleeful.

Angel-minouette tree toper

Minouette approves, and prefers to sit under the tree, like a furry present.
minouette tree

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