Friday, July 16, 2010

secret 'editorial formula' as subway map: the moral underground

Reposted from birdgerl, it's the Tube, as explanation of the Daily Mail's editorial strategy, according to The Poke, who write
Speculation that The Daily Mail’s success was down to a top secret formula started in the late eighties, but it was dismissed as Fleet Street legend along with the real parentage of the Hitchens brothers and that thing Una Stubbs is into. Though such explicit mapping of the newspaper’s friends and enemies have set tongues wagging, the main surprise seems to have been the bizarre use of the underground system. Reports that The Daily Star’s secret formula is based on the number 10 bus route remain unconfirmed.

I'm sure this is even funnier if you know the paper's track record (and can identify everyone and everything listed). The connections between stations are funny in and of themselves ('Nigella Lawson' to 'E. Coli'?). Follow the link to read it in detail. I particularly like 'All the Redgraves', 'Rabies', 'Etonian Playboys' and 'Pidgeons'. I'm amused also that my mother would have made the 'Arch-Enemies' list as a foreign nurse when she lived in London, before I was born (even if nice Canadian girls from small-town Manitoba are not what they have in mind when they write 'foreign').

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