Friday, June 4, 2010

Downtown & Magnificent Mile

Scale model Chicago
Starting with the Architectural society, where they had a great scale model, and I began out day downtown. As someone into the visual display of data, I was really impressed. They did a amazing job of dealing with three dimensions and annotating their 3D map. Somehow it made it easier to intepret, being grey, and little 2D signs highlighted buildings were always easy to spot on the the 3D model.

I find it an unpretentious city. People are extremely friendly.

Chicago Willougby Tower
This tower shares a name with me.

Chicago Willougby TowerChicago bean
graffiti, way up
Chicago 021Chicago 022

We had a picnic in a courtyard by the Art Institute, and then walked the Magnificent Mile. It is touristy, and I have done it before, but you have to do it. It's worth seeing. It was funny what I did and didn't remember. I remembered the Wrigley building from when I was 16, but I had forgot the Tribute is embedded with stones from sites around the world (including a few random ones I have since visited like Trondheim cathedral or Parliament in London).

Chicago buildingChicago downtownChicago fire monument
Chicago fire monumentChicago 026Chicago 027
Chicago TribuneChicago 030Chicago 032
Chicago crosswalk robot
Look! I found another crosswalk robot, like the one on College St, here in Toronto.
Chicago 035Chicago 036

We went up the Hancock tower.
Chicago 040
Chicago 039
Chicago 044Chicago 047

Even Tiffany's Atlas sculpture is apparent now a Blackhawks fan.

Then we went to a free classical concert in Millennium Park, featuring the Northwestern orchestra playing the music from The Red Violin.
Chicago 048Chicago 049
Chicago 050

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