Friday, April 23, 2010

High Five Raccoon Pillow... with aeroplanes!

Cause that's what it wanted.

raccoon high five pillow
raccoon high five pillow
raccoon high five pillow reverse

This is a second pillow pillow (~38 cm by 41 cm or 15 inches by 16 inches) featuring my neighbour, a raccoon and "HIGH FIVE" text (hand-carved in reverse) block printed on striped silk in a patchwork with other fabric. It is different dimensions and different fabrics than the previous raccoon pillow - so each is unique. The reverse features a print fabric with gray and black patterns or aeroplanes, dots and stripes in a patchwork with a burgundy wool and red pin-striped, block-printed minouette label.

I like having some fabric which is fun, but not too feminine:
raccoon high five pillow reverse top
The raccoon is the ultimate urban animal. It thrives in cities. Urban animals like typography.


Anonymous said...

I like the feel of the block printing with the patchwork. It reminds me of antique japanese textiles, but in a modern way.

minouette said...

Thank you very much! I am interested in antique Japanese textiles (and have a couple of books on the subject) but it had never occurred to me to make that connection.