Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Warning: This Post Contains a Serious Pillow

Don't say I didn't warn you.

Méfiez-vous de la contrefaçon! pillow
reverse of minouette pillow

This pillow features my "Méfiez-vous de la contrefaçon!" block print in gold and turquoise on grey cotton (a re-purposed men's shirt). The front also features two contemporary print fabrics in creams and teals. The reverse has a rustic, hand-woven Nepalese fabric with a stripe of funky turquoise faux-bois and subtle silver-on-violet block printed minouette label.

Méfiez-vous de la contrefaçon! pillow detail
cat toes on pillowside of Méfiez-vous pillowsubtle tentacles on violet
Méfiez-vous de la contrefaçon! sideways

Dramatic light curtesy of skylights, living at 43°42′59.72″N and needing to get to work this morning.

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