Saturday, February 6, 2010

Toronto Etsy Street Team Shop

The Toronto Etsy Street team has opened a team shop, to highlight local talent while raising money for good causes. Team members donate items and proceeds go to charity. Currently we are raising money for Haiti and giving our proceeds to the Red Cross (40%), Médecins Sans Frontière/ Doctors without Borders: (40%) and Global Medic: (20%).
JRT loveSo, Orbit is working to help alleaviate suffering. We want the shop to be able to respond to current events, and the team will give where we feel it can do the most good. Currently, if you would like to buy, for instance Lady Giggleswick Thinks of Love, if you do so through the T.E.S.T. team shop, all of the proceeds will go to these three charities listed above, and the Canadian federal government will match funds to double the support.

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