Thursday, October 15, 2009

Euplocephalus pillow

Euoplocephalus pillow

Block printed dinosaur in indigo on fuschia with a stripe of herringbone. The reverse is woven silk in turquoise and gold with a up-cycled cuff from a grey men's shirt, complete with button, and tentacle and blossom label.

reverse of Euoplocephalus

cuff on Euoplocephalus pillow

I thought I'd make some more masculine pillows... but somehow, even when the subject matter is a dinosaur, and I employ menswear, I seem to have used fuschia. Maybe I should aim for blue or something. Why do we have colour stereotypes anyway? Did you know that the ridiculous blue/pink thing used to be reversed? That's right! Pink was once the colour reserved for baby boys. Nothing inherently feminine there.

Oh! I sold three prints today. Yay!

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