Monday, September 21, 2009


This weekend I got a message out of the blue from Toronto photographer Micheal (anotherangle on etsy), inviting me to join in founding a Toronto area Etsy street team. (Street teams are groups of etsy shops which have something in common and join forces for various purposes. I'm currently in the Trans-Canada Etsy Team, Printsy - the printmakers of etsy and the Mad Scientists of Etsy). This team will have, "regular social events to meet other Sellers, a few events to connect buyers and seller in T.O., occasional ‘chat’ times on Etsy" and will connect with other craft groups in Toronto. I'm all for getting artists and craftsters together, so I'm on-board. You, gentle reader, (those artistic readers in and around Toronto) should join too! He's already set up a Facebook page and a twitter TEST feed. Join and find other Toronto creators. You know you want to. :)

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