Sunday, June 28, 2009

photos: New London, Groton and Mystic

The University of Connecticut satellite campus in Groton is quite pretty. Apparently the castle-like buildings were once the home of some local Robber Baron. While we were there, they were filming a movie, of course.

Groton is quite small. Parts of it are quaint and parts of it are rather industrial. We did not get a chance to go to the nuclear sub museam, but we did see subs in the harbour. We had dinner in New London and were regulars at West Marine. There seems to be quite the rivalry between the towns. On the other side of Groton is Mystic. We went there for dinner a couple of evenings, prior to the cruise. Part of Mystic is what we might call a "pioneer village" like Black Creek, but with more boats and less blacksmiths. We took the chance to walk around a take a lot of photos.

UConn campus is castlelike
UConn campus

old shipyard
tall ship in Mystic
thimble, with frog
New England home with roses
fire alarmchurch
Mystic pizza
blossomsship weatherwaneMystic homeMystic drawbridge

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